Welcome Transplanted Professionals!  

Hello New York!

We're happy to have a message board for the "Transplants" in your city now. A bit more about the group ...

We have members from all around the country and the world ...
-- The members are ages mid-20's to early 50's.

-- They're "professionals" (that's a vague word, but in this case it means they're college-educated and -- work in a range of fields -- marketing, academics, sales, etc.)

-- Members include both couples and singles.

-- To set up an event, just register and then post it to the message board and/or events calendar.  
-- Since this is an all-volunteer group, we encourage all members to jump in and get involved!  Don't hesitate to volunteer to arrange an activity ... or even start up a “subgroup“. We rely on our members to keep things going for the group.

The New York branch LEADER is Jenna.  To join the New York email list, contact Jenna  at:   The leader will organize a few events AND we encourage others to organize events too!  It's up to everyone who visits the site to get involved and begin connecting with others.

The message board and events calendar are the key way members connect (see the links to the left).  NOTE:  In order to stay focused on helping members connect with/meet each other, if you post an event, it needs to be something that you personally will attend and are organizing others to attend with you.  We don't allow “advertisements“.

So feel free to post a message: you can ask a question, look for people with similar interests … and/or schedule your own event on the event calendar. (See the message board for the Twin Cities group to see how it's been working there.) If you want people to reach you, include your email address in the message but NOT your address or phone number -- this is a public forum and anyone can read it.

Please tell others about "".

Word of mouth will be critical to making "" work in New York. If you know other transplanted professionals (or even area natives who just want to increase their circle of friends), please email our website information to them … and the group can continue to grow. And if you have other ideas for how we can get the word out, please email Laurie Kersten (the founder) with your ideas at:

Thanks for your interest! Laurie

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